Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to school

What an eventful day? I went back to school after the week off due to snowy weather, they call it the big freeze, I wonder why? I need atleast a pair of fluffy boots, a jumper, coat, gloves and a scarf to keep me warm, a few more layers I wouldn't give a miss either. I'm really worried though.. If you do not already know, I went to the doctor's a few weeks ago to ask why I haven't recieved my period yet, I mean come on I'm 15 now and one of the oldest in my year. The doctor said it's due to me being underweight which can effect it. Typically though my friend at school Taylor I thought was underweight too, but she started her period today, I'm really jealous, I know it hurts and everything but I'm worried, I want to start like any other normal teenager girl. I hope I start soon! I'm going to finish this post now to go off to finish my english essay *crosses fingers* and I'm off to chris and angies for bible studies later, joy!

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