Friday, January 29, 2010

CY Group

I had 'CY Group' again tonight, it was pretty cool. While my friends made chocolate muffins with white chocolate chips in them, I made carrot cake muffins with telda using mine and her new recipe. I gave one to her, my friends Chris and Angie, and brought two home for my mum and dad. Originally, we made 6 but then we were left with 5 after telda accidently ruined one of them.

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Cervical cancer jab

I had my first cervical cancer jab at school today. It didn't hurt that much, not as much as an anaesthetic or a blood test but afterwards now it really does ache, and I find it hard to lift it, it really hurts and feels really tight and tense. Hopefully it gets better soon.

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Show in a week

Well we have 'The Wizard of Oz' show in a week, its quite scary actually how much the time flies. We have had so many rehearsals up and down from east grinstead and sevenoaks every saturday 2-5pm and every sunday 1-3.30pm, but now tomorrow has been extended to 1-5 and sunday kept the same. I'm going to be so tired, I cant wait till the performances are over though. Hope it all goes well, and we have costume rehearsals soon with hair and makeup that we have to do ourselves.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday was the orthodontist, so I left school early at 1.30pm, just 10 minutes before the end of lunch. I was so tired from going to see the movie avatar in cinema the night before (a 3 hour long film) that I had a small nap in the car on the way back and about 30 minutes to maybe an hour nap when I got home; and I was still really tired afterwards. Tonight I'm going to Chris and Angie's tuesday bible studies club again, and my parents are getting takeaway, they are really unhealthy. This means I will have to find something for dinner and decide what I want.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

'Bullfrog' Productions

It was a long day at Cheqeurs Mead Theatre, costume fitting and rehearsals for 'The Wizard of Oz'. 12-5pm - a 5 hour long day. We managed to get all the costumes fitted and the Jitterbug and Ghost dance rehearsed, as well as main character filming, and the ending scene practised, though we were sitting around most of the time. Another lot of rehearsals at The Stag theatre tomorrow 10-3.30pm, 5 and a half hours long. It will all be worth it when the production is over in the end hopefully. Wish me luck!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy year

I can tell this is definately going to be a busy new year, with everything I have going on its hard to catch up. Tomorrow I have got 5 hours bullfrog youth theatre rehearsals from 12-5pm to catch up for what we missed last week, and then Sunday I have 5 and a half hours rehearsals from 10-3.30pm as it has been extended for longer due to the production being in only a few weeks. Tiresome weekend yet I hope we can slot bluewater in there again somewhere, hopefully tomorrow!

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CY Group

I started a new CY Group today, we played a few games at first, I met a few new people and we had a bible study at the end, and a few snacks and drinks, it was fun and I was on the red team. Our team won of course which only meant we got first dibs on the coke drinks, crisps and chocolate chip cookies which I don't drink or eat anyway so you know its all good, a prize or something would have been good but never mind ay. Pretty cool though and I will probably be going every friday now.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping Spree

After a nice day of shopping with my brother and sister, I realised that by trying on different pairs of jeggings and jeans that I am a size 4 short leg. It's good that I know this, now I can get pairs of jeans that actually fit again. I bought a pair from miss selfridges for 25 pounds and when I was trying them on when I got home I prayed that I wouldnt have to take them back, they fit perfectly, bonus!

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2010 Resolutions

  • Get more excercise, fit in around 30 minutes of excercise or 60 minutes a day.
  • Finish reading the Harry potter books.
  • Sort out the clothing I'm buying
  • Save £100 for sweet 16 party this year.
  • Gather enough pocket money to buy my mum a birthday and mothers day present.
  • Get money for items that I would like to purchase.
  • Create a birthday or christmas wishlist to help afford all these things.
  • Cut down on the amount of black tea I drink - This will be hard.
  • Focus on school more.
  • Make more time to meet up with friends and old friends.
  • Look after yourself properly.
  • Find a day where you can actually be bothered to get out of your nightwear.
  • Purchase Gossip Girl seasons set and DVD's and Cd's or put on a list for presents and gifts.
What are your new year's resolutions? Do you have any. I'd love to hear x

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W/S Style wishlist

Things I want for this Winter/Spring

  • Thermal Cardigan Top
  • Floral lace cami
  • Smocked mini skirt
  • Vintage inspired lace dress
  • Raw edge ruffle shrug
  • 120 Den winter white tights
  • Strappy patent court
  • White patent ballerina shoes
  • Victorian Frill Detail dress by TG
  • Rose print dress by TG
  • Rose soft touch opaque tights
  • 80 Den Nude nights
  • Bow print bikini
  • Anchor print bikini
  • Organic sateen supa skinny monkee genes - Pink
  • Inky Blue Organic Denim Supa-Skinny
  • Jack wills rachwal socks
  • Pink bow knee high socks

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The Stomache bug

Yesterday, I had a bad case of the stomache bug, it was extremely painful, I had belly ache all night and was up and down to the toilet. I know, pleasant right? I also have a constant runny nose and a cold therefore I stayed off school today, back to school tomorrow though, I need to hand my english narrative writing to my teacher asap.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The cutest japanese clothing you have ever seen, I know what I will be asking for my birthday and christmas in future. wow!!.

What do you think of Japanese clothing? Do you have any cute anime or manga loves? Take a look at Minkyshop on ebay for the shop if you like the products.

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The Big Freeze

It definately is The Big Freeze across the UK. Set off for school today and spent an hour and a half sitting in the car in traffic, we managed to travel in that space of time from our village to the next, in the end we had to turn around and phone the school to say I cannot make it in. It's ridiculous it really is, then again I now have an excuse to have yet another day off school from the weather, get into my pj's, wrap up warm in my dressing gown and drink a nice warm cup of tea. Isn't that just the ideal winter comfort? And later I'm planning on having a relaxing hot bath to soak in a luscious pink butterfly bath bomb I want to get rid of because to be hounest it look's pretty ridiculous in my bedroom. I have a cold and my nose keep's running it's not very nice, but then again I always have been a little summer baby. We're living in a winter wonderland, hopefully it brightens up for next week. How do you feel about the weather? Feel free to comment

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Educated Minds

I learn't alot tonight at Chris and Angie's bible studies. We learn't alot about Jesus' resurrection and looking at proven records and evidence that the bible is a true record. It was a heavy learning session but it was good to get all questions out. We managed to pray a little at the end. I was busy watching them eating their late dinner of butter and golden syrup on crumpets when I first arrived and as they drank their tea we sat next to the fire in the warm living room and just spoke about it and were educated together, it was fun and breathe taking. I will finish this blog now and go to bed, I managed to finish my english narrative writing essay based on world war II and watch the eastenders recording, an earlier night I think, all my love.

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Lovely Little things

With my new addiction of cute little vintage items, I have found things from strawberry bunny, urban outfitters, and etsy. If ever I get my dream bedroom which I doubt at the moment, I really want these!.

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Back to school

What an eventful day? I went back to school after the week off due to snowy weather, they call it the big freeze, I wonder why? I need atleast a pair of fluffy boots, a jumper, coat, gloves and a scarf to keep me warm, a few more layers I wouldn't give a miss either. I'm really worried though.. If you do not already know, I went to the doctor's a few weeks ago to ask why I haven't recieved my period yet, I mean come on I'm 15 now and one of the oldest in my year. The doctor said it's due to me being underweight which can effect it. Typically though my friend at school Taylor I thought was underweight too, but she started her period today, I'm really jealous, I know it hurts and everything but I'm worried, I want to start like any other normal teenager girl. I hope I start soon! I'm going to finish this post now to go off to finish my english essay *crosses fingers* and I'm off to chris and angies for bible studies later, joy!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Secret addiction

I am becoming addicted to etsy, its a cute little website with vintage items in it, I have found lots of sweet little things which I will be adding to my favourites. I have managed to tidy my room and sort some stuff out for sale to earn a bit of extra cash. I realised that the £70 christmas money I recieved will be gone in no time if I spend it on the outfits that I want, a little sucking up to my mum may be necessary, just to help me afford a small amount of what I want. Back to school tomorrow how stupid, I really hate school, but yet I love my friends. So much to do, So little time!

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Major Change


Today is the day that I make the major change. I have not posted in such a long time, that I will be posting the start of a very new blog from now on. The website will include recent up to date blogs.



Went on holiday to devon in summer holidays, met some lovely people, and had lots of fun, I miss them so much, but I am still keeping in touch with them. I run out of things to do, as I was busy as soon as the summer holidays started, therefore got bored nearer the end having nothing to do.


Two days ago, on the 10th September, was my 15th birthday. Unfortunately it was school, however, I was with my friends celebrating at lunch time. I left opening my presents until after school, therefore I had something to look forward too. When I got home and opened them, I recieved millions of clothes, jewellery, a new bike, bike gear, body products, makeup, a spanish drawn picture, and so much more. It was a huge surprise because later on I went with my family to a restaurant, over ate, got home late, and yet I had an amazing night.

YEAR 10 -

Gone head first into gcse, recieving tons of coursework, set myself a very good revision time table for seperate topics on each subject, and even though its very nerve racking, its exciting as well. Hopefully I will do really well in my gcse coursework and all my exams, I am constantly trying hard.


I woke up rather late this morning, went with my brother to meet my mum and dad at a boot fair, then left to go to a friend of my brothers bbq party for his birthday. At the moment I am currently at home watching the x-factor and have got changed into some warmer clothing, cooped up on the arm chair on my laptop.

More to come....

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Belgium Battlefields

Yesterday we went to belgium on a battlefields trip, was really fun. I sat next to hayley aspland on the ride there was soo fun. Took loads of pictures and got on the ferry. Saw some really fit boys and then arrived in belgium. Looked at some cemetraries, went in the trenches of first and second world war, looked at an important statue where you pay your respects. stayed on the coach until arriving at mening gate, it was beautiful. Forgot to mention my digital camera's battery ran out before I got a chance to take pictures of the trip other than the coach ride lool annoying! Me, Emma, Lily, Kaylea, and others went into chocolate shop and bought some nice belgium chocolates and then went to eat some fish n chips, Mrs collinson so kindly gave us some money to spend in there. YAY XD. Then the 8pm service where our schools and others went up to lay down poppy reefs and trumpets played. Making our way home on the coach to the ferry and having a great time with boys and in arcades there, I even got to wear this boys n-dubz hat and spoke to some manchester boys from at the top of the deck. Some boys clapped us on the dance machine and watched us race and was following us around the ferry. Jewy, Blondie XD, Dyl and the other boys in these special made jumpers was soo funny, following those neeks! They all thought we was londoners lool, we was like err no we are from kent!

Then we had the journey on the coach back where I fell asleep listening to my Ipod nano chronomatic and then woke up in time just before we arrived. Found out some great news about anna regelous, she opened her eyes and started talking. YAYY, please get better soon anna! Love Yhooo x

When I got home I slept until 2pm the next morning and now I am writing about it and excercising on wii fit. That was a great day!

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Amazing Snow Day

Today was the funnest day ever really. It was snowing last night and all of this morning, Yay!!!! Missed school due to the really terrible weather, but I'm really loving itFirstly, I got up at 12pm YAYY!! loll and then I went outside in my houses garden's and made a little snowman and then was offered to go sledging down the hill near really close/near to where I live with friends and stuff, but then a few seconds later my dad said do you want to walk down to your sisters house and then take the dog for a walk in the snow up the pick nick park, so seen as my sister Teresa had took my camera and had got my camera with her I wanted to take some pictures so took that option and walked all the way through two villages to get to my sisters house. We walked through the pick nick park and had alot of fun and took some really great/good pictures . Then got back and I was offered to go up to another big place full of snow with my sister and her boyfriend and it was really fun and it was really good because.. we made snow angels in the snow and took loads of pictures, really funny ones too lol, also.. made a really good and a big snowman at that, it was soo fun to make and then went back to my sister Michelle's house and played guitar hero with alot of family and our friends, then trekked our way back through two villages again to get home, and now I am here, sounds really good doesn't it, and hopefully I dont have any school tomorrow either and the snow just gets thicker.

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Old Blog

By starting this post I will tell you that probably from now on you will find that I don't post such long messages anymore, in fact short ones. I haven't got much time to post greatly massive, long, blog passages. Yesterday and Today I went to Bluewater. Two times in a row, funny huh? Me and my sister Teresa stayed up to the early hours of the morning all on this weekend night and watched different films/dvds. I forgot to mention that yesterday I went out to sevenoaks as well. I have had really quite a busy weekend and am really quite tired as well/ too. School again tomorrow and I think we have our choosing of our gcse options that we are going to choose to take this week, I'm not sure but I think we are doing that this week. I cant wait till next weekend and whenever I can get some more sleep . Tell your friends about my blog site please if You are reading this I mean its not anything special but I hope you find it sometimes quite interesting. Thanks!!!!.

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Alice in Wonderland

Today was quite an okay day except very busy and tiring. Had to write a report about women into work day at school for my form teacher to give to the other teachers, had a maths lesson with many other lessons and had to do some hard work and learning. Then after school I walked into the bus que outside of school and got my umbrella out as it was raining. Then was having a think a little, and realised oh my I am supposed to be doing my / the alice and wonderland production rehearsals and ran quickly into it a bit late.

Its a stressful week this week for me and I'm sure will be from now on until taking and choosing my gcse options and then doing them and really trying hard if I can. After Alice in wonderland production rehearsals I went home to have my dinner and get changed and then went to one of the Youth Council meetings, was good but means more hard work.

Also have realised that I have got science homework to do and haven't finished it yet and I am really tired, I having done it and I really need too. But I have been so busy that I couldn't do it at all. So hopefully I can just stop myself from getting into trouble, I think I may write a note or get my mum too. I am going to go to bed now as it is late. Goodnight!

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Women into work

Okay! Well, just to let you know I have realised how long it has been since I last posted a blog entry onto this website and from reading my past entry in August 2008 so much has happened. The New year is one of them, I'm in year 9 now, where all the big stuff in my life kind of happens. Important things happen now! I went to a party on New Years and it was really fun, had a great time.

My Brother is still going out to spain quite alot but not as much as before, my sister teresa who lived in spain for 6 months nearly, or more, has came back for a month this January and its really nice to see her again. She doesn't spend that much time here because she stays alot at my other sister's house but I guess she has got to share and spend the time she has equally across all of the family.

However, She doesn't really do that much when she is here except say she will watch a film/dvd tonight or any other night for example and then doesn't. Not really much point in me reminding her either because I know she will just get annoyed. Lets just say all we have done together is play the Wii Fit, that's a great game console, if you havent got it you should get it and try! I have recommended it to you now so you have too!.

Getting to the point to sum it all up, this year I have had women into work,already. It was where people quite high up in their jobs, etc, came in to talk to us about their jobs, had to choose 8 and then got given your 4 top ones if they could, providing they had enough space in the groups of talks from different jobs of course. I got/choose to go and see/ listen too a barrister, costume/textile designer, Journalist/DJ and a Software Engineer, It was really interesting and I enjoyed it alot, nearer the end we gave flowers to the last people we had spoken to and everyone was too shy to go up so I went up and handed them to her and said a polite thank you for coming to talk to us, I felt privileged to be able to do that to such nice, pleasant people. The talks and jobs that I had were all very interesting and I was engrossed in many of them!.

Scarily we have got our gcse options coming up in February but I am a little bit worried but Im not sure that much. I had already saught of chosen what I want to do. French, Drama, Business Studies and Graphics for my four main options to choose from, and my back-ups Geography and media studies. Im not sure about geography but quite sure about media studies. I will know how to deal with it I hope and currently creating a C.V and getting advice from well I do alot and did today anyway about websites to create it so I will be making a start on that soon for getting a part-time job hopefully!

I need to go to bed now because its 11.00pm and I have got to get up for school tomorrow at quarter past 7 [7:15am] And to tell you the truth I am really not a morning person, so0o..I am going to go and get some sleep!

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Holiday Friends

Hey everyone sorry I havent posted for a long while

just haven't found the time to be bothered to do so  ....
Anyway Im back from my holiday in spain, fuengirola now
it was really good but I probably wont be able to go back out till next year now and I really miss mine and my sisters friends out there, because my sis is living out there for about 6 months she has met some really nice people and even though they are adults and Im like 13 they are really cool & kind, and they look after you really well and treat you like a normal person not just a little kid who is a little bratty sister of their friend. You know what I mean ?? But my brother gets concessions for £60 for each and every return which is great, but I cant get on the concessions list as well because earlier on in the year he went out to spain with our neighbour Darren who lives across the road so now he is on it :( But I am starting to think that my brother is rubbing it in a little bit now because he going out this thursday coming up again for about 5 days for his birthday and then he said to his friend on his mobile not long after we got back from spain that he might be going out to spain to visit for a weekend or about 5 days or so every 4 weeks after this thursday coming because its so cheap for him seen as he is on the concessions list all thanks to his friend. Anyway Im keeping in contact with them all already, seen as their like my dad, brothers, sisters and aunts and uncles.
And I tend to and hope to be able to stay in contact with them forever.

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First time

Wow I have been REALLY busy lately.

Im going to spain hopefully on this thursday yay
Im really looking forward to it and some sun and beach
for once etc YAY!! Except im quite nervous because its my first time abroad apart from france with my school for one day on a train and also its my first time on a big airoplane!!
Hopefully it all goes okay!! :)

I'll keep you posted

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Taylor's birthday party

I had a great time at my best friend Taylors party today which she was holding for her friends birthday. It was really fun and her and all of her friends are really cool. For instance really funny and REALLY cool! I dont think I have ever had a great as time as I did tonight with any of my friends in my life before.

I love them they are great people and I also dont believe I have ever met so many people of which are just like me. Their the best ever and I hope to meet up with them again.

Oh and by the way during my time of having a great time I found out something not so great more upsetting. One of Taylor's friends called Lauren when she was 10 had a strange mole of which she found out could be skin cancer and scarily enough another small blue mole is growing on her arm according to her identical to the one she had when she was 10.

I really hounestly hope that it doesn't get worse and that its not in fact the skin cancer thing she thinks it is. But if it is hopefully it doesnt get bigger or worse for that matter.

Oh and if you thought that was bad enough I also found out that she has something wrong with her spine and that it isnt straight. Which means if it doesn't go well she has one of two options. She either spends the rest of her life in a wheel chair or she had a metal pole in replacement for where her spine should be which means she will never be able to bend down ever again in her life.

But I love all them they are all great and I drew on a piece of paper to write a card for Franny who's birthday it was, she's soo.... cool but it ended up being a japanese card which open backwards on the other side to what it's supposed to. Hopefully Lauren texts me and we all go us girls to meet the boys at the bowlplex in Tunbridge wells I really hope we can all meet again anyway and with the boys this time as well !!!!!!!!
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Dental arrangements

Before I start I didn't watch gossip girl or have a bath last night because I got a better offer and went to the cinema with my brother Sean and his friend to see Superhero movie instead and I also got to sleep well but I am going to have a bath and watch gossip girl tonight instead and hopefully practice my lamda after dinner AS WELL !!!!!!!!

I went to the dentist today and seen as my tooth feel out 8 months again and I visited the dentist last 6 months ago and it still hasn't grown through, not even a tiny root nothing I had to have my bottom teeth coated in protective plastic to stop tooth decay like I did last time and I also had to have an Xray on my tooth. I had to bite down on this stick type thing when I was having it done. I then told him after the Xray that I can feel a lump at the back of my gum behind the gap that my tooth hasn't grown through and he said everyone has a slight arch there but we shall see. I just agreed with him even though I knew I was probably right because the left hand side of my top gum didn't have a slight arch but the right hand side of my top gum did !! He sent me back out to wait for the Xray results and then called me and my mum back into the room. I thought I was going to have to have braces which I was dreading because he said that may be what has to happen to pull it down or something like that but it was worse.

He said the good news is the tooth is still there except (thats when he showed me the Xray) Its not vertically stuck at the back of your gum but horizontally stuck slightly / gently (hopefully only slightly) on the tooth on the right hand side next to it. Thats when I felt the lump at the back of my gum behind my top teeth (e.g / the one which hasn't come down yet] and I realised that it actually felt like it was horizontally positioned of which I didn't concentrate on when I felt it about 5 times since it fell out but was worried only about whether it was infact the tooth or not.

He then advised us to let him book an appointment with the orthadontist and have it checked again and see what they think should be done. He then told us they will probably check it again and decide either I will just have braces to help bring it down or if that is not going to work they might give me train tracks on my top teeth with a gold chain attached to it and then leading towards an attachment to the tooth which hasn't come through yet which involves pulling it down by the chain and most likely going under anaesthetic which I have never had before in my life. I couldn't help but become worried as I still am slightly now, I dont want to have to go under anaesthetic and so I was curiously asking my mum 101 questions about what its like in the car on the way home, multi-taskingly annoying my dad at the same time who was driving.

So I hounestly / truly hopeI will only need braces and not have to have the anaesthetic but if I do wish me luck !!!!!!!! He is supposed to be booking the appointment sometime today or soon anyway and then sending it to us via the post !!

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Hotter weather

I got to sleep really well last night. Because the weather here is getting quite sunny and hot now which I hope it stays I asked my mum to get me a fan down so I could have it put in my bedroom.

It actually quite helped me to get to sleep better which I hope it does again tonight and many others, Even though I did get to sleep at about half 11 on a school night only because of an African singing class and getting back at half 9 and not having enough time to do everything I wanted to do before I went to bed or get ready for bed itself.

You must be getting bored now but Oh well.

Anyway today at school I met loads of people from the midsummer nights dream cast who I actually have never seen around school before or more likely not noticed because I didn't quite know them or was familiar with them that well !! I lost my locker keys today which was a bit of a worrying disaster so I went to look if I gave my teacher a spare key in an envelope which she kept in her KS3 Cabinet for us her form and I did which was good because then I was able to go and get my school books for my next two lessons before home time. Its funny really because at home time I was getting all my stuff out of my locker etc and thats when I mysteriously ended up with it in my hand and had a left over image in my head of it being under / infront of one of my bags in my locker.

So I have concluded that I must have locked my locker keys in my actual locker itself  WHOOPS !!!!!!!!
But luckily now I have found them.

Hey and I am supposed to have been texted to meet my friend Elaine at the wine rack and then we were going to walk to Sundridge and go out and find / meet people we know and are friends with down there, except I haven't received a text so I guess I'm not going out ... I am having prawn and seafood in salmon wraps with home-made prawn sauce for a starter before dinner today which we don't have regularly and then we are having a nice salad I think..I hope for dinner.

Oh and before I forget to bore you even more I am going to watch my recordings of last nights Eastenders and last Thursday's Gossip Girl tonight as well as tonight's Eastenders and then I'm going to have a bath and get ready for bed.

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Little Chef

I stayed at my sisters house all weekend and got on at different stop in the village just after mine. I was quite nervous about what all the boys would do there and stuff because they are quite troublesome but it was actually quite funny Ben Corp who I used to go primary school with gave me that nod of approval and spoke up and said you alright Emma. I smiled and replied "yeah you????" "good good" he said!! Thats when Kaylee started getting her lynx spray out and spraying it in Richmond's eyes but Its okay peeps He got her back but stunk out the bus shelter and georgina has asma, very inconciderate.

Anyway today in school it wasn't too bad to be hounist considering I didn't get that much of a great sleep the night before, exactly 7 hours sleep I recall and in my terms thats not a greatly huge amount of sleep.

I made a nice dessert it had to include lots of different layers and it must include a decent amount of fruit in it as well as being suitable for sale on the market, so as I already planned what I was going to make 2 weeks before after the school day when I had my food technology lesson. I haven't been in so many lessons for 2 weeks now because of the Midsummer nights dream rehearsals Oh AND Performances in the afternoon.

So anyway I decided to make it in a really nice desert dish (fyi : a round one) and have a biscuit base then cheesecake mixture made with marcarpone, butter and caster sugar mixed together in a bowl and then having cut strawberries on top all spread out and then the remaining cheesecake mixture left in the bowl on top. Cut strawberries spread out all over on top again and then sprinkled granola covering the whole top of the dessert. I had one strawberry left and thought oh right I dont need that so I ate it and thats when my friend suggested why dont you use a strawberry for decoration on top so I had to go and politely convince one of my friends georgette humbert to lend me one of her strawberries of which she was going to eat at lunchtime because they were her left over ones from cooking. In the end she did let me have one even though I only asked for a half of one but luckily she did because I produced a leaf shape type pattern when I cut one in half and I took about 3 different pictures from all different points of view. I really do hope I get more than an A for it because I'm not boasting or trying to be big headed or anything but in my oppinion the dessert I made was better layed out and PROBABLY/ MAYBE tasting than the others were and a lot more organized which would more likely be able to sell on the market. I shared it between all 6 of us eating dinner at our dinner table of people in my family and everyone complimented on it as well as well cherished compliments from year 7's, some 8's and 9's on the bus on the way back home from school. It was really niceee :) I will probably make some more soon seen as my mum said there is enough ingredients left to make another (e.g / A bigger one) :) Yayy !!!!!!!!

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Final performance

You wont believe how happy I am but sad at the same time. It was our final performance tonight of midsummer nights dream and it was filmed to be put on dvd. I hounestly dont believe I have ever had as good as a praise as I did tonight I felt so good about myself but at the same time sad because during the time I have been rehearsing and performing for the play I have met many great new friends and learn't many skills in the process of it. I will carry many memories away with me and always remember the great bonds and relationships I have made with the teachers. I saw a whole new side to them and they are lovely. I loved being able to get the chance to have such a lovely experience. I know that many people have told us they enjoyed watching us but I dont think anyone had more of an enjoyment during the play then us cast ourselves. At the end of today they gave out flowers and gifts to everyone whom helped with the play which there were many and I absalutely loved every minute of it. Being able to thank them and show them our appreciation. However I also gave miss hollidge my drama teacher and the person incharge of acting a box of flake chocolate moments as well as giving a box to Jenny Saunt who made and designed the beautiful costumes, set, and most of the props. I knew that I wanted to take GCSE Drama in year 10 since year 7 but now I want it more. The level of acting in the show was exceedingly high and It has given me huge delight to have watched so many people mature in the past few days even myself take on many responsibilities one of which was to put on spectacular performances 5 times and each night have got back late and still performed fantastically well the following morning. Us cast got to go to sleep period 1 and 2 today in the auditorium where we perform before going back to lessons until school finished when we had hair and make-up done and ate our dinner before the nights last BIG show of midsummer nights dream. Its getting late so I have to go to bed seen as it has just gone quarter to twelve maybe a few minutes passed and as you know I haven't had what you would call very early nights for the past 3 days we have had performances because the evening performances do not finish until 9 and we dont get back till about 10 or to sleep by about 11:30pm so I'm going to get some beauty sleep and now I'm clean after a nice cande lit bath and my backcombed hair is now brushed nicely, conditioned and washed out leaving it smooth and nice after intensive care conditioner. I used a brush that cost my sister £20 its a professional GHD one which really helped !!!! And its back looking nicer than usual. My sisters hairdresser is a genius for referring her to such a good quality hair brush.... I'm going now and hoping to get some good sleep.

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Performance Rehearsal

Today I am working on my lines so I get them perfect for the midsummer nights dream productions. I was supposed to be going home for dinner at 4 and getting back to school for hair and makeup at five but I have now found out we aren't aloud. How STUPID is that??

So.... I have got to take some tinned soup and warm it up tomorrow for dinner lol. Also I havent washed my hair yet after having it back combed and smothered in hairspray because if you keep washing it apparently it ruins your hair so I am washing it tonight so its nice for the performance my family are coming to watch tomorrow. I also need a bath because of walking on set bare foot dust and dirt EVERYWHERE!! I hope tomorrow goes well and thursday and friday performances :) I'll tell you all about it soon.

I was supposed to be going on holiday to spain in the summer holidays to meet my sister and see her out there with my brother Sean and today he told my mum when I was there that he isn't taking me because he has to concentrate on his piloting licences and stuff but then I got a bit upset and annoyed because I have never had a holiday abroad before and I was really looking forward to going and my mum told me he is keeping it as a surprise turning round and saying no then the week before saying emma start packing we are going to spain next week. But I'm happy now YAYY!!!!!!!!

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Pet Fame

Im staying at my sister's house again tonight. Getting my lasagne from home delivered to me somehow whether it be now or in an hours time which is good because im a little hungry. Its funny really because today I looked at an email which I put in my drafts regarding a pet picture of my cats being published in a pets magazine which is sold in new zealand. I sincerely thought that because my prize for having my pets picture chosen to be published is being sent at the end of may that the issue their picture is being published in will be in the May-june issue, thats then when I found the first email I was sent by them that I saved in my drafts and I realised that the issue their in is in fact the June-August one.

So... Because Im staying at my sisters house again tonight I will have to send a note to my mum stating the website so that she can purchase the latest issue [June-August]. I know this is probably boring you right now but I don't have anything interesting to say apart from that.

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Midsummer Nights Dream

Part 1

The week off school has gone so.... quick, but luckily I wont be having lessons because Ill be doing rehearsals and performances all week in school time  for The midsummer nights dream production. Its going to be so great having our hair and make-up done again and having a photoshoot.

Me, my sister and her husband were all supposed to be going out somewhere today, preferably the cinema but its just my luck that her husband has had to rush off to work. Hopefully we can still go out though!

Part 2

Haha that was weird I was just about to post saying its getting late and my sisters husband is still not back from work and my sisters boss wont give our brother her wages to give to her but then all of sudden he came over with them in his hand and said she ran out after him to give him it. She has given her all of her checks dated back to april last year which she seems to think means bugger off I dont want you working for me anymore seen as she also has payed her for this sunday which she hasnt't even worked yet!! Well thats good anyway because it means we can go out now she has some money, hopefully!Anyway what do you think, is it a I'm letting you go sign or do you think it was just a coincidence? Please feel free to leave your comments!! Thanks

Part 3

You must have already noticed by now that things change like the wind. One minute I get my hopes up high that we are going out and then we find out its too late to go out anywhere now anyway because everything in town will be shut. What great bloody news that is. So I guess I am staying at my sisters house tonight AGAIN and only to hope we pop into town tomorrow and quite a few shops are open *crosses fingers*.

Britains got talent final on tonight and having fish and chips for dinner, the usual saturday thing at my house and me and my sister are having some too. I usually like watching the britains got talent final on tv with my family at home, e.g mum and dad but oh well it makes a change for once to be watching it here. I really want the violinists and the dog act to be chosen from because they are both brilliant. I hounestly thought that the dog act was so original and its a great royal variety act and so... is the violinists act which will probably win anyway but I deep down want both of them to win it. There should DEFINATELY be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners that all get to perform at the royal variety infront of prince charles but I guess thats not the way it works. My sister just said she promises that we will go out somewhere tomorrow, so Im hoping nothing crops up which prevents us from doing so, We'll just have to wait till the morning to see what happens then won't we.

(Oh and by the way I might not be blogging much once I return home about every minute of the day but I'll some a few bits of it up for you if you like, When I do my midsummer nights dream production 3 days running, and a photoshoot and full dress rehearsal before....I'll Keep you posted about a bit more later about who wins britains got talent ...)

Part 4

Well .. Im still awaiting the winner of britains got talent, only have half an hour to wait until the results for it are back on tv. I REALLY hope that the dog act wins its so original and the dog and the owner both deserve to win SOOOO MUCHHH !!!!!!!!

I just had fish and chips and I am still quite full up. The great news is my mum told me today she received a fax through and I have been ACCEPTED into the Modelling agency due to models direct by the National Selection Panel. I am soooo excited but the problem is I am happy but when I heard I was stuck for emotion because we were down the park walking my sisters dog and I was speechless but in my mind thinking oh my gosh I got through. To be hounest I thought I would receive an email thats why I have been checking for the past 2-3 working days in my Inbox crossing my fingers as I click on it, I would have been a lot more excited if I had received an email which they said we would but I think they sent it to my mum's email as she is my parent guardian. She hasn't read her email yet but when she received the fax it was likeee YAYYYY!!!!! Sorry about babbling on and stuff but WOW!! It says we have to pay £128 for my 3 year contract which is towards the cost of creating my portfolio and everything else. Well I do love the camera and Im very happy that I got through. How exciting?? My mum is keeping the fax for memories of course, you know how it is and hopefully I shall see it in writing tomorrow.... CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

[George Samson on Britains got talent A street dancer doing street dancing won, he was one of the people I least expected to win or in other words didn't think was THAT fantastic or original. Its all about singing and dancing these days and we need more variety everything involves just them two when there is a lot more talented acts out there. Anyway I hope Gin the dog and her owner do well anyway as well as many other acts e.g. the violinists because they all deserve to be equally as famous!!

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Money maker

Well .. today I am staying at my sister michelle's house and I am currently on her computer. A few minutes ago I left a message on my other sisters facebook who is in spain at the moment telling her all about my pets application into models direct being accepted and mine being considered by the National Selection Panel. I received a message back and she is very proud of me. I really hope I get accepted and even though I keep on about it, I really do hope I get it.

I am just looking now on google for ways to make money, I have found nothing fantastic and most things require you to pay money first or upgrade your account.

Its stupid because its not certain that you will earn money in the process, therefore what is the point in paying money out to them if your not sure you will recieve money in return.

I dont want quick cash or money instantly but some of the ideas on the internet for making money are pathetic, unless they actually work then they shouldn't be allowed on there, besides its only a waste of time looking through them. I have also looked up teenage ways and ideas of making money and I have tried most of the options that they have given me already and I have heard nothing in reply from my neighbourhood, Its not necessarily the money that I absalutely want it, but it is being able to experience having responsibilities and working for a living which prepares you for it when your older. A couple of days ago I stayed up till about 2am in the morning writing a little diary of some kind about choosing your career for when your older. Hopefully if your lucky I will post it on here shortly!!

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Good Karma

I read this email today something to do with good karma which i was sent by my sister. My brother also received the email and it said if you send it on to 5 people you shall have something good happen to you, 10 people better than good and 15 people you'll having something fantastic happen to you. My brother sent it on to 5 people and i sent it on to 15. The following day when we came back from going out my brother received an email about the lazyman's way to making money and he is going to give it a go, however... i received an email AND a phone call my application into models direct for my pets had been accepted and my application was going to be put through to the "National Selection Panel". Seen as I am superstitious after all it was rather strange that email being sent me and then something good happening. I just hope now that I get accepted. To be hounist I thought it was just another one of those dumb emails which had absalutely no effect on anything what so ever, but somewhere deep down inside I believe in that email.

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Wintery Wonderland

To tell you the truth, I haven't actually been out in the snow, I'm such a spoil sport. However, I have taken advantage of the weather and missed a whole week off school. Today is Monday, yet I still did not go in, back in tomorrow though, my mum insists. My sister came home from spain for a few weeks today, I'm so happy as I have not seen her in a long time; our family really do miss her when she's gone.


  • Get up slightly earlier and eat a leisurely breakfast.
  • Tidy bedroom
  • Make an outfit booklet and sort out clothes wardrobe
  • Get 30 minutes excercise - 
  • Plan new bedroom design
  • Have a shower
  • Search online for jeans and jeggings
  • Purchase clothes
  • Get an early night sleep (Back to school in the morning)

I managed to purchase the clothes I wanted tonight, I succeeded in pursuading my mum to buy them for me, except I used my christmas money and she is paying me back next week when she gets payed, so technically, she is paying for them. Then atleast I can buy the basics that I need such as new pyjamas, jeans, swimwear and bras and underwear with my £70, I also have a £10 love 2 shop highstreet voucher I won from a school drama competition so that will always come in handy. I hope the vintage white lace dress which came back in stock on topshop is still available to purchase next week also, because my mum will have more money then too. Now, I'm going to go off and day dream about my ideal dream bedroom.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creating the perfect outfit

Today was a bit of a pointless day. I woke up this morning with no energy, grabbed a slice of toast for breakfast, then sat on my butt all day on the computer, searching for new outfits. I hope you like what I put together, I will be going to sleep now as I have a massive headache from watching the computer screen for too long. I'm hoping to afford these outfits with my
christmas money, I just want lots more than one thing. To top it all off due to weight loss I currently have yet to find pairs of skinny jeans and jeggings, possibly a few tops that are in a size 6 rather than a size 8. A cheap pair is hard to find, if you know of any bargains, feel free to write back. Tell me what you think of the outfits?

Beautiful vintage dress giveaway!

Its too die for, check it out, its a free giveaway :)


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