Monday, January 11, 2010

Dental arrangements

Before I start I didn't watch gossip girl or have a bath last night because I got a better offer and went to the cinema with my brother Sean and his friend to see Superhero movie instead and I also got to sleep well but I am going to have a bath and watch gossip girl tonight instead and hopefully practice my lamda after dinner AS WELL !!!!!!!!

I went to the dentist today and seen as my tooth feel out 8 months again and I visited the dentist last 6 months ago and it still hasn't grown through, not even a tiny root nothing I had to have my bottom teeth coated in protective plastic to stop tooth decay like I did last time and I also had to have an Xray on my tooth. I had to bite down on this stick type thing when I was having it done. I then told him after the Xray that I can feel a lump at the back of my gum behind the gap that my tooth hasn't grown through and he said everyone has a slight arch there but we shall see. I just agreed with him even though I knew I was probably right because the left hand side of my top gum didn't have a slight arch but the right hand side of my top gum did !! He sent me back out to wait for the Xray results and then called me and my mum back into the room. I thought I was going to have to have braces which I was dreading because he said that may be what has to happen to pull it down or something like that but it was worse.

He said the good news is the tooth is still there except (thats when he showed me the Xray) Its not vertically stuck at the back of your gum but horizontally stuck slightly / gently (hopefully only slightly) on the tooth on the right hand side next to it. Thats when I felt the lump at the back of my gum behind my top teeth (e.g / the one which hasn't come down yet] and I realised that it actually felt like it was horizontally positioned of which I didn't concentrate on when I felt it about 5 times since it fell out but was worried only about whether it was infact the tooth or not.

He then advised us to let him book an appointment with the orthadontist and have it checked again and see what they think should be done. He then told us they will probably check it again and decide either I will just have braces to help bring it down or if that is not going to work they might give me train tracks on my top teeth with a gold chain attached to it and then leading towards an attachment to the tooth which hasn't come through yet which involves pulling it down by the chain and most likely going under anaesthetic which I have never had before in my life. I couldn't help but become worried as I still am slightly now, I dont want to have to go under anaesthetic and so I was curiously asking my mum 101 questions about what its like in the car on the way home, multi-taskingly annoying my dad at the same time who was driving.

So I hounestly / truly hopeI will only need braces and not have to have the anaesthetic but if I do wish me luck !!!!!!!! He is supposed to be booking the appointment sometime today or soon anyway and then sending it to us via the post !!

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