Monday, January 11, 2010

Taylor's birthday party

I had a great time at my best friend Taylors party today which she was holding for her friends birthday. It was really fun and her and all of her friends are really cool. For instance really funny and REALLY cool! I dont think I have ever had a great as time as I did tonight with any of my friends in my life before.

I love them they are great people and I also dont believe I have ever met so many people of which are just like me. Their the best ever and I hope to meet up with them again.

Oh and by the way during my time of having a great time I found out something not so great more upsetting. One of Taylor's friends called Lauren when she was 10 had a strange mole of which she found out could be skin cancer and scarily enough another small blue mole is growing on her arm according to her identical to the one she had when she was 10.

I really hounestly hope that it doesn't get worse and that its not in fact the skin cancer thing she thinks it is. But if it is hopefully it doesnt get bigger or worse for that matter.

Oh and if you thought that was bad enough I also found out that she has something wrong with her spine and that it isnt straight. Which means if it doesn't go well she has one of two options. She either spends the rest of her life in a wheel chair or she had a metal pole in replacement for where her spine should be which means she will never be able to bend down ever again in her life.

But I love all them they are all great and I drew on a piece of paper to write a card for Franny who's birthday it was, she's soo.... cool but it ended up being a japanese card which open backwards on the other side to what it's supposed to. Hopefully Lauren texts me and we all go us girls to meet the boys at the bowlplex in Tunbridge wells I really hope we can all meet again anyway and with the boys this time as well !!!!!!!!
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