Monday, January 11, 2010

Hotter weather

I got to sleep really well last night. Because the weather here is getting quite sunny and hot now which I hope it stays I asked my mum to get me a fan down so I could have it put in my bedroom.

It actually quite helped me to get to sleep better which I hope it does again tonight and many others, Even though I did get to sleep at about half 11 on a school night only because of an African singing class and getting back at half 9 and not having enough time to do everything I wanted to do before I went to bed or get ready for bed itself.

You must be getting bored now but Oh well.

Anyway today at school I met loads of people from the midsummer nights dream cast who I actually have never seen around school before or more likely not noticed because I didn't quite know them or was familiar with them that well !! I lost my locker keys today which was a bit of a worrying disaster so I went to look if I gave my teacher a spare key in an envelope which she kept in her KS3 Cabinet for us her form and I did which was good because then I was able to go and get my school books for my next two lessons before home time. Its funny really because at home time I was getting all my stuff out of my locker etc and thats when I mysteriously ended up with it in my hand and had a left over image in my head of it being under / infront of one of my bags in my locker.

So I have concluded that I must have locked my locker keys in my actual locker itself  WHOOPS !!!!!!!!
But luckily now I have found them.

Hey and I am supposed to have been texted to meet my friend Elaine at the wine rack and then we were going to walk to Sundridge and go out and find / meet people we know and are friends with down there, except I haven't received a text so I guess I'm not going out ... I am having prawn and seafood in salmon wraps with home-made prawn sauce for a starter before dinner today which we don't have regularly and then we are having a nice salad I think..I hope for dinner.

Oh and before I forget to bore you even more I am going to watch my recordings of last nights Eastenders and last Thursday's Gossip Girl tonight as well as tonight's Eastenders and then I'm going to have a bath and get ready for bed.

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