Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Chef

I stayed at my sisters house all weekend and got on at different stop in the village just after mine. I was quite nervous about what all the boys would do there and stuff because they are quite troublesome but it was actually quite funny Ben Corp who I used to go primary school with gave me that nod of approval and spoke up and said you alright Emma. I smiled and replied "yeah you????" "good good" he said!! Thats when Kaylee started getting her lynx spray out and spraying it in Richmond's eyes but Its okay peeps He got her back but stunk out the bus shelter and georgina has asma, very inconciderate.

Anyway today in school it wasn't too bad to be hounist considering I didn't get that much of a great sleep the night before, exactly 7 hours sleep I recall and in my terms thats not a greatly huge amount of sleep.

I made a nice dessert it had to include lots of different layers and it must include a decent amount of fruit in it as well as being suitable for sale on the market, so as I already planned what I was going to make 2 weeks before after the school day when I had my food technology lesson. I haven't been in so many lessons for 2 weeks now because of the Midsummer nights dream rehearsals Oh AND Performances in the afternoon.

So anyway I decided to make it in a really nice desert dish (fyi : a round one) and have a biscuit base then cheesecake mixture made with marcarpone, butter and caster sugar mixed together in a bowl and then having cut strawberries on top all spread out and then the remaining cheesecake mixture left in the bowl on top. Cut strawberries spread out all over on top again and then sprinkled granola covering the whole top of the dessert. I had one strawberry left and thought oh right I dont need that so I ate it and thats when my friend suggested why dont you use a strawberry for decoration on top so I had to go and politely convince one of my friends georgette humbert to lend me one of her strawberries of which she was going to eat at lunchtime because they were her left over ones from cooking. In the end she did let me have one even though I only asked for a half of one but luckily she did because I produced a leaf shape type pattern when I cut one in half and I took about 3 different pictures from all different points of view. I really do hope I get more than an A for it because I'm not boasting or trying to be big headed or anything but in my oppinion the dessert I made was better layed out and PROBABLY/ MAYBE tasting than the others were and a lot more organized which would more likely be able to sell on the market. I shared it between all 6 of us eating dinner at our dinner table of people in my family and everyone complimented on it as well as well cherished compliments from year 7's, some 8's and 9's on the bus on the way back home from school. It was really niceee :) I will probably make some more soon seen as my mum said there is enough ingredients left to make another (e.g / A bigger one) :) Yayy !!!!!!!!

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