Monday, January 11, 2010

Final performance

You wont believe how happy I am but sad at the same time. It was our final performance tonight of midsummer nights dream and it was filmed to be put on dvd. I hounestly dont believe I have ever had as good as a praise as I did tonight I felt so good about myself but at the same time sad because during the time I have been rehearsing and performing for the play I have met many great new friends and learn't many skills in the process of it. I will carry many memories away with me and always remember the great bonds and relationships I have made with the teachers. I saw a whole new side to them and they are lovely. I loved being able to get the chance to have such a lovely experience. I know that many people have told us they enjoyed watching us but I dont think anyone had more of an enjoyment during the play then us cast ourselves. At the end of today they gave out flowers and gifts to everyone whom helped with the play which there were many and I absalutely loved every minute of it. Being able to thank them and show them our appreciation. However I also gave miss hollidge my drama teacher and the person incharge of acting a box of flake chocolate moments as well as giving a box to Jenny Saunt who made and designed the beautiful costumes, set, and most of the props. I knew that I wanted to take GCSE Drama in year 10 since year 7 but now I want it more. The level of acting in the show was exceedingly high and It has given me huge delight to have watched so many people mature in the past few days even myself take on many responsibilities one of which was to put on spectacular performances 5 times and each night have got back late and still performed fantastically well the following morning. Us cast got to go to sleep period 1 and 2 today in the auditorium where we perform before going back to lessons until school finished when we had hair and make-up done and ate our dinner before the nights last BIG show of midsummer nights dream. Its getting late so I have to go to bed seen as it has just gone quarter to twelve maybe a few minutes passed and as you know I haven't had what you would call very early nights for the past 3 days we have had performances because the evening performances do not finish until 9 and we dont get back till about 10 or to sleep by about 11:30pm so I'm going to get some beauty sleep and now I'm clean after a nice cande lit bath and my backcombed hair is now brushed nicely, conditioned and washed out leaving it smooth and nice after intensive care conditioner. I used a brush that cost my sister £20 its a professional GHD one which really helped !!!! And its back looking nicer than usual. My sisters hairdresser is a genius for referring her to such a good quality hair brush.... I'm going now and hoping to get some good sleep.

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