Monday, January 11, 2010

Performance Rehearsal

Today I am working on my lines so I get them perfect for the midsummer nights dream productions. I was supposed to be going home for dinner at 4 and getting back to school for hair and makeup at five but I have now found out we aren't aloud. How STUPID is that??

So.... I have got to take some tinned soup and warm it up tomorrow for dinner lol. Also I havent washed my hair yet after having it back combed and smothered in hairspray because if you keep washing it apparently it ruins your hair so I am washing it tonight so its nice for the performance my family are coming to watch tomorrow. I also need a bath because of walking on set bare foot dust and dirt EVERYWHERE!! I hope tomorrow goes well and thursday and friday performances :) I'll tell you all about it soon.

I was supposed to be going on holiday to spain in the summer holidays to meet my sister and see her out there with my brother Sean and today he told my mum when I was there that he isn't taking me because he has to concentrate on his piloting licences and stuff but then I got a bit upset and annoyed because I have never had a holiday abroad before and I was really looking forward to going and my mum told me he is keeping it as a surprise turning round and saying no then the week before saying emma start packing we are going to spain next week. But I'm happy now YAYY!!!!!!!!

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