Monday, January 11, 2010

Pet Fame

Im staying at my sister's house again tonight. Getting my lasagne from home delivered to me somehow whether it be now or in an hours time which is good because im a little hungry. Its funny really because today I looked at an email which I put in my drafts regarding a pet picture of my cats being published in a pets magazine which is sold in new zealand. I sincerely thought that because my prize for having my pets picture chosen to be published is being sent at the end of may that the issue their picture is being published in will be in the May-june issue, thats then when I found the first email I was sent by them that I saved in my drafts and I realised that the issue their in is in fact the June-August one.

So... Because Im staying at my sisters house again tonight I will have to send a note to my mum stating the website so that she can purchase the latest issue [June-August]. I know this is probably boring you right now but I don't have anything interesting to say apart from that.

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