Monday, January 11, 2010

Midsummer Nights Dream

Part 1

The week off school has gone so.... quick, but luckily I wont be having lessons because Ill be doing rehearsals and performances all week in school time  for The midsummer nights dream production. Its going to be so great having our hair and make-up done again and having a photoshoot.

Me, my sister and her husband were all supposed to be going out somewhere today, preferably the cinema but its just my luck that her husband has had to rush off to work. Hopefully we can still go out though!

Part 2

Haha that was weird I was just about to post saying its getting late and my sisters husband is still not back from work and my sisters boss wont give our brother her wages to give to her but then all of sudden he came over with them in his hand and said she ran out after him to give him it. She has given her all of her checks dated back to april last year which she seems to think means bugger off I dont want you working for me anymore seen as she also has payed her for this sunday which she hasnt't even worked yet!! Well thats good anyway because it means we can go out now she has some money, hopefully!Anyway what do you think, is it a I'm letting you go sign or do you think it was just a coincidence? Please feel free to leave your comments!! Thanks

Part 3

You must have already noticed by now that things change like the wind. One minute I get my hopes up high that we are going out and then we find out its too late to go out anywhere now anyway because everything in town will be shut. What great bloody news that is. So I guess I am staying at my sisters house tonight AGAIN and only to hope we pop into town tomorrow and quite a few shops are open *crosses fingers*.

Britains got talent final on tonight and having fish and chips for dinner, the usual saturday thing at my house and me and my sister are having some too. I usually like watching the britains got talent final on tv with my family at home, e.g mum and dad but oh well it makes a change for once to be watching it here. I really want the violinists and the dog act to be chosen from because they are both brilliant. I hounestly thought that the dog act was so original and its a great royal variety act and so... is the violinists act which will probably win anyway but I deep down want both of them to win it. There should DEFINATELY be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners that all get to perform at the royal variety infront of prince charles but I guess thats not the way it works. My sister just said she promises that we will go out somewhere tomorrow, so Im hoping nothing crops up which prevents us from doing so, We'll just have to wait till the morning to see what happens then won't we.

(Oh and by the way I might not be blogging much once I return home about every minute of the day but I'll some a few bits of it up for you if you like, When I do my midsummer nights dream production 3 days running, and a photoshoot and full dress rehearsal before....I'll Keep you posted about a bit more later about who wins britains got talent ...)

Part 4

Well .. Im still awaiting the winner of britains got talent, only have half an hour to wait until the results for it are back on tv. I REALLY hope that the dog act wins its so original and the dog and the owner both deserve to win SOOOO MUCHHH !!!!!!!!

I just had fish and chips and I am still quite full up. The great news is my mum told me today she received a fax through and I have been ACCEPTED into the Modelling agency due to models direct by the National Selection Panel. I am soooo excited but the problem is I am happy but when I heard I was stuck for emotion because we were down the park walking my sisters dog and I was speechless but in my mind thinking oh my gosh I got through. To be hounest I thought I would receive an email thats why I have been checking for the past 2-3 working days in my Inbox crossing my fingers as I click on it, I would have been a lot more excited if I had received an email which they said we would but I think they sent it to my mum's email as she is my parent guardian. She hasn't read her email yet but when she received the fax it was likeee YAYYYY!!!!! Sorry about babbling on and stuff but WOW!! It says we have to pay £128 for my 3 year contract which is towards the cost of creating my portfolio and everything else. Well I do love the camera and Im very happy that I got through. How exciting?? My mum is keeping the fax for memories of course, you know how it is and hopefully I shall see it in writing tomorrow.... CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

[George Samson on Britains got talent A street dancer doing street dancing won, he was one of the people I least expected to win or in other words didn't think was THAT fantastic or original. Its all about singing and dancing these days and we need more variety everything involves just them two when there is a lot more talented acts out there. Anyway I hope Gin the dog and her owner do well anyway as well as many other acts e.g. the violinists because they all deserve to be equally as famous!!

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