Monday, January 11, 2010

Money maker

Well .. today I am staying at my sister michelle's house and I am currently on her computer. A few minutes ago I left a message on my other sisters facebook who is in spain at the moment telling her all about my pets application into models direct being accepted and mine being considered by the National Selection Panel. I received a message back and she is very proud of me. I really hope I get accepted and even though I keep on about it, I really do hope I get it.

I am just looking now on google for ways to make money, I have found nothing fantastic and most things require you to pay money first or upgrade your account.

Its stupid because its not certain that you will earn money in the process, therefore what is the point in paying money out to them if your not sure you will recieve money in return.

I dont want quick cash or money instantly but some of the ideas on the internet for making money are pathetic, unless they actually work then they shouldn't be allowed on there, besides its only a waste of time looking through them. I have also looked up teenage ways and ideas of making money and I have tried most of the options that they have given me already and I have heard nothing in reply from my neighbourhood, Its not necessarily the money that I absalutely want it, but it is being able to experience having responsibilities and working for a living which prepares you for it when your older. A couple of days ago I stayed up till about 2am in the morning writing a little diary of some kind about choosing your career for when your older. Hopefully if your lucky I will post it on here shortly!!

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