Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Karma

I read this email today something to do with good karma which i was sent by my sister. My brother also received the email and it said if you send it on to 5 people you shall have something good happen to you, 10 people better than good and 15 people you'll having something fantastic happen to you. My brother sent it on to 5 people and i sent it on to 15. The following day when we came back from going out my brother received an email about the lazyman's way to making money and he is going to give it a go, however... i received an email AND a phone call my application into models direct for my pets had been accepted and my application was going to be put through to the "National Selection Panel". Seen as I am superstitious after all it was rather strange that email being sent me and then something good happening. I just hope now that I get accepted. To be hounist I thought it was just another one of those dumb emails which had absalutely no effect on anything what so ever, but somewhere deep down inside I believe in that email.

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