Monday, January 11, 2010

Old Blog

By starting this post I will tell you that probably from now on you will find that I don't post such long messages anymore, in fact short ones. I haven't got much time to post greatly massive, long, blog passages. Yesterday and Today I went to Bluewater. Two times in a row, funny huh? Me and my sister Teresa stayed up to the early hours of the morning all on this weekend night and watched different films/dvds. I forgot to mention that yesterday I went out to sevenoaks as well. I have had really quite a busy weekend and am really quite tired as well/ too. School again tomorrow and I think we have our choosing of our gcse options that we are going to choose to take this week, I'm not sure but I think we are doing that this week. I cant wait till next weekend and whenever I can get some more sleep . Tell your friends about my blog site please if You are reading this I mean its not anything special but I hope you find it sometimes quite interesting. Thanks!!!!.

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