Monday, January 11, 2010

Amazing Snow Day

Today was the funnest day ever really. It was snowing last night and all of this morning, Yay!!!! Missed school due to the really terrible weather, but I'm really loving itFirstly, I got up at 12pm YAYY!! loll and then I went outside in my houses garden's and made a little snowman and then was offered to go sledging down the hill near really close/near to where I live with friends and stuff, but then a few seconds later my dad said do you want to walk down to your sisters house and then take the dog for a walk in the snow up the pick nick park, so seen as my sister Teresa had took my camera and had got my camera with her I wanted to take some pictures so took that option and walked all the way through two villages to get to my sisters house. We walked through the pick nick park and had alot of fun and took some really great/good pictures . Then got back and I was offered to go up to another big place full of snow with my sister and her boyfriend and it was really fun and it was really good because.. we made snow angels in the snow and took loads of pictures, really funny ones too lol, also.. made a really good and a big snowman at that, it was soo fun to make and then went back to my sister Michelle's house and played guitar hero with alot of family and our friends, then trekked our way back through two villages again to get home, and now I am here, sounds really good doesn't it, and hopefully I dont have any school tomorrow either and the snow just gets thicker.

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