Monday, January 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Today was quite an okay day except very busy and tiring. Had to write a report about women into work day at school for my form teacher to give to the other teachers, had a maths lesson with many other lessons and had to do some hard work and learning. Then after school I walked into the bus que outside of school and got my umbrella out as it was raining. Then was having a think a little, and realised oh my I am supposed to be doing my / the alice and wonderland production rehearsals and ran quickly into it a bit late.

Its a stressful week this week for me and I'm sure will be from now on until taking and choosing my gcse options and then doing them and really trying hard if I can. After Alice in wonderland production rehearsals I went home to have my dinner and get changed and then went to one of the Youth Council meetings, was good but means more hard work.

Also have realised that I have got science homework to do and haven't finished it yet and I am really tired, I having done it and I really need too. But I have been so busy that I couldn't do it at all. So hopefully I can just stop myself from getting into trouble, I think I may write a note or get my mum too. I am going to go to bed now as it is late. Goodnight!

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