Monday, January 11, 2010

Women into work

Okay! Well, just to let you know I have realised how long it has been since I last posted a blog entry onto this website and from reading my past entry in August 2008 so much has happened. The New year is one of them, I'm in year 9 now, where all the big stuff in my life kind of happens. Important things happen now! I went to a party on New Years and it was really fun, had a great time.

My Brother is still going out to spain quite alot but not as much as before, my sister teresa who lived in spain for 6 months nearly, or more, has came back for a month this January and its really nice to see her again. She doesn't spend that much time here because she stays alot at my other sister's house but I guess she has got to share and spend the time she has equally across all of the family.

However, She doesn't really do that much when she is here except say she will watch a film/dvd tonight or any other night for example and then doesn't. Not really much point in me reminding her either because I know she will just get annoyed. Lets just say all we have done together is play the Wii Fit, that's a great game console, if you havent got it you should get it and try! I have recommended it to you now so you have too!.

Getting to the point to sum it all up, this year I have had women into work,already. It was where people quite high up in their jobs, etc, came in to talk to us about their jobs, had to choose 8 and then got given your 4 top ones if they could, providing they had enough space in the groups of talks from different jobs of course. I got/choose to go and see/ listen too a barrister, costume/textile designer, Journalist/DJ and a Software Engineer, It was really interesting and I enjoyed it alot, nearer the end we gave flowers to the last people we had spoken to and everyone was too shy to go up so I went up and handed them to her and said a polite thank you for coming to talk to us, I felt privileged to be able to do that to such nice, pleasant people. The talks and jobs that I had were all very interesting and I was engrossed in many of them!.

Scarily we have got our gcse options coming up in February but I am a little bit worried but Im not sure that much. I had already saught of chosen what I want to do. French, Drama, Business Studies and Graphics for my four main options to choose from, and my back-ups Geography and media studies. Im not sure about geography but quite sure about media studies. I will know how to deal with it I hope and currently creating a C.V and getting advice from well I do alot and did today anyway about websites to create it so I will be making a start on that soon for getting a part-time job hopefully!

I need to go to bed now because its 11.00pm and I have got to get up for school tomorrow at quarter past 7 [7:15am] And to tell you the truth I am really not a morning person, so0o..I am going to go and get some sleep!

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