Monday, January 11, 2010

Holiday Friends

Hey everyone sorry I havent posted for a long while

just haven't found the time to be bothered to do so  ....
Anyway Im back from my holiday in spain, fuengirola now
it was really good but I probably wont be able to go back out till next year now and I really miss mine and my sisters friends out there, because my sis is living out there for about 6 months she has met some really nice people and even though they are adults and Im like 13 they are really cool & kind, and they look after you really well and treat you like a normal person not just a little kid who is a little bratty sister of their friend. You know what I mean ?? But my brother gets concessions for £60 for each and every return which is great, but I cant get on the concessions list as well because earlier on in the year he went out to spain with our neighbour Darren who lives across the road so now he is on it :( But I am starting to think that my brother is rubbing it in a little bit now because he going out this thursday coming up again for about 5 days for his birthday and then he said to his friend on his mobile not long after we got back from spain that he might be going out to spain to visit for a weekend or about 5 days or so every 4 weeks after this thursday coming because its so cheap for him seen as he is on the concessions list all thanks to his friend. Anyway Im keeping in contact with them all already, seen as their like my dad, brothers, sisters and aunts and uncles.
And I tend to and hope to be able to stay in contact with them forever.

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