Monday, January 11, 2010

Major Change


Today is the day that I make the major change. I have not posted in such a long time, that I will be posting the start of a very new blog from now on. The website will include recent up to date blogs.



Went on holiday to devon in summer holidays, met some lovely people, and had lots of fun, I miss them so much, but I am still keeping in touch with them. I run out of things to do, as I was busy as soon as the summer holidays started, therefore got bored nearer the end having nothing to do.


Two days ago, on the 10th September, was my 15th birthday. Unfortunately it was school, however, I was with my friends celebrating at lunch time. I left opening my presents until after school, therefore I had something to look forward too. When I got home and opened them, I recieved millions of clothes, jewellery, a new bike, bike gear, body products, makeup, a spanish drawn picture, and so much more. It was a huge surprise because later on I went with my family to a restaurant, over ate, got home late, and yet I had an amazing night.

YEAR 10 -

Gone head first into gcse, recieving tons of coursework, set myself a very good revision time table for seperate topics on each subject, and even though its very nerve racking, its exciting as well. Hopefully I will do really well in my gcse coursework and all my exams, I am constantly trying hard.


I woke up rather late this morning, went with my brother to meet my mum and dad at a boot fair, then left to go to a friend of my brothers bbq party for his birthday. At the moment I am currently at home watching the x-factor and have got changed into some warmer clothing, cooped up on the arm chair on my laptop.

More to come....

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