Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Big Freeze

It definately is The Big Freeze across the UK. Set off for school today and spent an hour and a half sitting in the car in traffic, we managed to travel in that space of time from our village to the next, in the end we had to turn around and phone the school to say I cannot make it in. It's ridiculous it really is, then again I now have an excuse to have yet another day off school from the weather, get into my pj's, wrap up warm in my dressing gown and drink a nice warm cup of tea. Isn't that just the ideal winter comfort? And later I'm planning on having a relaxing hot bath to soak in a luscious pink butterfly bath bomb I want to get rid of because to be hounest it look's pretty ridiculous in my bedroom. I have a cold and my nose keep's running it's not very nice, but then again I always have been a little summer baby. We're living in a winter wonderland, hopefully it brightens up for next week. How do you feel about the weather? Feel free to comment

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