Saturday, April 24, 2010

Health Problems

Wowee!! So much has happened since I last posted which was such a long time ago. I went to the doctor's to ask why I hadn't started my you - know - what by now (period) and they found out that I was underweight. I was then referred to an eating disorder clinic, and now attend weekly weighings. If being diagnosed an anorexic isn't hard enough, I have to be putting on weight - about 0.5kg weekly or I will be admitted to hospital under strict oral feeding of foods or liquid, due to my BMI being critically low. The last past months it has been a tough and bumpy road for me, as I am still on a long journey, (trying) to recover. The doctor expects me to be drinking 4 glasses of semi skimmed milk a day on top of everything else I eat in the day; even that is supposed to be increased. Without going into too much detail I don't even know how it all started, it wasn't as if I ever stopped eating, but I guess you could say I was your typical calorie counter and a calorie deficit over such a long period ment that I had lost the weight so quickly not realising it and have to suddenly put all this weight back on. I think I am just under 6 stone which isn't right for my height or age. I can officially say I never tryed to lose weight or thought I was fat, but I just got into a bad habit that I thought I controlled but it started to overcome and control me.
Due to this I have missed out on so many opportunities, I am not allowed to do french exchange at school and have been stopped from participating in Bullfrog youth theatre group or doing any excercise, as well as many other chances which have came up and I am not able to do yet until I get better hopefully. (even my lunches as school have to be watched and authorised now in a room) without being able to sit with my friends in the canteen like normal others. That's all for now. I just wish it would all die over pretty soon to be hounest.

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